Free Initial consultation with Key pickup
I can then offer a free key holding service (Kept in a safe when not using) 
All bookings will be required to fill out a booking form so I have your contact details including your vet details etc, should the need arise you can then be contacted . 

please read new government guidelines we are following these can be found on our home page

Holiday Cat Sitting Visits can be from Just One day/Overnight to however long is needed to Cover your Holidays.
Home Visits and Feeding
Prices are charged per Visit up to 3 cats                Each additional cat there after add £1.00 per visit 
Basic Home Visit  One or Two Visits per day                    Please ring for a quote  prices dependant on Your location and number of visits required
Basic Visit Package to include:
Feeding and  & checking all is fine with your pet, ensuring a fresh supply of water, cleaning of  feeding area and bowls. Socialising & Playing (with cuddles if your pet allows.) Litter box cleaning and re-filling and clearing up any accidents. Don't worry if you are suddenly delayed getting back from holidays just let us know, we will carry on visiting and seeing to your cat(s) until you are back,
We will keep a check on  their food & litter in case they should run out or are getting low before your return & we will purchase more so they have plenty to carry on with and add the cost to the bill.  
Your pets well being is our most important focus ensuring they are happy, well & contented.  

In addition to the above service, all Home Visits excluding Chickens where I have entry to clients property will include the following benefits at no additional charge.
Home security checks (Windows and doors will be checked with each visit), Pulling and Drawing of curtains both upstairs (If Required) and downstairs, Switching on and off of lights in a different room each night to make your property look as if someone is at home Just ask when booking if you would like us to do this for you, Switching on Radio's if requested ( This helps to make it seem as if someone is at home & give a soft background noise for comfort to your pets). Household rubbish & Bins put out along with re-cycling on appropriate days where applicable, Leave us a note to say which days it should go out and this will be taken care of for you. We will Pick up of any post or parcels left on a daily basis and leave somewhere out of sight. 

You don't have to have any Pets to use our services
If you are going away for a short time and are worried about leaving the house empty
Not a problem, We can Pop in daily either Once or Twice to check everything is all OK, Bring in the post, Turn On/Off lights and Pull/Close the Curtains making the house look lived in, put out Rubbish/Recycling on appropriate days etc
Prices are charged per Visit
Home check Visits can be One Or Two visits per Day     Please ring for a quote  prices dependant on Your location and number of visits required 

If you like to feed wild Birds, We are more than happy to refill the hangers with seed when needed whilst you are away,
Just ask when you book a service and show us where you keep it and we will take care of the rest.  

Summer garden pots & Greenhouses can be watered but because of the extra time taken on visits will incur a small extra charge of £2.50 per day, Larger areas ( IE ;- Vegetable Gardens on top of  Pots & Greenhouses will be charged extra per time spent please request when booking.


There will be a Surcharge on top of normal charges :  FOR ALL Bank Holidays Worked these are charged at Double time and are subject to availability.

Listed below are some of the main Days & Bank Holidays when Gerry's Home from Home is Closed .
Gerry's home from home will be closed over Easter and the Christmas & New Year period 
Good Friday (CLOSED)
Easter Monday (CLOSED)
Christmas Day (CLOSED)
Boxing Day (CLOSED)
New Years Eve (CLOSED)
New Year's Day (CLOSED)
 We are open on other Bank Holidays, these will be charged at double time
Please be aware when booking if your holiday dates include a Bank Holiday 

For More information on our opening times please see our about us page as our Opening and closing times are different in Winter due to shorter daylight hours 
 Please note:  In Winter Due to shorter DAYLIGHT hours we finish earlier than normal at 4 pm
This is to ensure your pets are safely tucked up for the night (premises without cat flap) 

Please read our terms and conditions which you can find under the contact us page.

 Contact number: Home: 01454260007     Mobile: 07786488821   Email: