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Terms and Conditions

Gerry's Home from home will make sure your pets Health and well being is the most important focus whilst they are in our Care

All new Customers will require a Introduction visit prior to any booking taking place, no new bookings can be Confirmed over the phone or internet without first meeting the pet(s) and owners.

Pet Care
We will follow your instructions as to the care of your pets, If we feel that we need to take your Pet(s) to the Vets we will contact you or relevant persons (which was supplied on the booking form) to inform you/them of this.
We will try and take them to your own registered Vets but if this is not possible we will take them to our own vets which the company in registered with, Any cost for treatment or medication will be payed by the customer upon return, We will keep you informed of any treatment or Medication required and update you regularly until you arrive back.
If the unforeseen does occur which is beyond our control resulting in Death or Accident we as a company cannot be held responsible.
Elderly Pet(s) should anything occur whilst we are looking after them which would require your pet to be put to sleep we would contact you or required persons who can make this decision first to discuss what you would like us to do (We do ask this question before hand so we know what your wishes are)

Adverse Weather Condition Policy SNOW / FLOODS
We will try and reach your Pet(s) but this may not be possible, in this event if we have warning of impending Snow and Blizzards and Severe Flooding and if there is the possibility of Danger to life we will visit prior to this happening and make sure that your Pet(s) are safe and warm and have enough food (which will be doubled up) Water, and clean Litter trays to last until we can safely reach them again, You will be informed by us that this is what is happening, again this is for the well being of your Pet(s) and safety to any employee, if for any reason something happens to your pet(s) during this time we cannot be held responsible.
As soon as it is safe to do so we will start to visit your pets again.

We reserve the right to cut any walks short for the safety and well being of your pet(s) during severe weather such as Thunder Storms,
 or Blizzard conditions etc.

In the event of any animal requiring emergency treatment or medication the pet’s owner will be liable for any of the cost incurred.

 Should the unforeseen occur to any pet(s) whilst in our care (including accident or death), which is beyond our control, we as a company can not be held responsible.

Gerry's Home from Home is fully insured Including Key Loss
Your Keys are held securely in a safe when not in use, in the event of any Key loss You will be informed straight away and a locksmith will be called to change any existing locks
for which the keys fit.

During our visits to your home we will do our best to keep it secure and check around the property on each visit, should we notice anything unusual or at worst your property has 
been Burgled we will get in touch with you and call the relevant personnel (Police) and report this crime, we will keep in contact with you to follow up any instructions of all procedures you may have had to sort to secure your property until you arrive home. Our main concern will be the well being of your pet(s) during this, if your pet(s) need to be
put into an established Boarding Facility we will arrange this for you and transport your pets there, any cost incurred for this will be paid by the Pet(s) owners on their return.

Gerry's Home from Home reserve the right to cancel any bookings with Immediate affect if  any animal is found to be aggressive to the handler or other dogs whilst in our care.

No dogs will be let off their lead unless we have permission from the owners prior to walking

Dogs that are walked by Gerry's home from home must be fully up to date with any vaccinations and we reserve the right not to walk any dogs that seem to be ill or have a disease prior to our visit which may affect any other dogs.

Gerry's Home from Home will not undertake to walk or visit any dogs that are to be left on their own over night,  for the Health and well-being of your pet other arrangements must be made to ensure your dogs are not left on their own overnight.

Gerry's home from home will try to give at least 24 hours notice but this may not be possible on occasions should your booking have to be cancelled due to Illness etc, you will be notified as early as possible so you have time to make alternative arrangements for your pets.

 We cannot be held responsible for any accident or loss of pet(s) during Any Cat sitting visits where cats have access to the outside via a cat flap whilst in our care.
Customers are asked to make sure there are enough supplies for your pets whilst they are away, but if they do run out of anything we will purchase on your behalf  and cost will be added to the bill to be payed on return.

If a customer is delayed in any way we would ask them to let us know as soon as possible, we will continue to look after your pet until you safely return home any extra visits incurred will be added on to the bill.